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( Private to Anakin. )

( There is no way she can hide her joy. Despite the palpable tension between Anakin and Ahsoka, she can't help but beam. )

Ani, both of our children are here. You can get to know Leia like you have Luke.

( It isn't what she dreamed, but she isn't about to turn away a blessing. )

What do you say to a family dinner?

( / )

Does anyone know delicious recipes? I think I'd like to learn how to cook.

( And be domestic. Goodness, what is happening to the Senator of Naboo? )

I remember my mother making me big meals every time I visited home. ( Her voice is downright wistful. ) It was one of the reasons I loved seeing her. Maybe there is some truth in the heart and stomach being connected.
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Is there a particular type of recipe you're looking for? Appetizer, side dish, entree, dessert?
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Something with lots of fresh vegetables then. Any allergies or foods you know people dislike?
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That's all right. How about a vegetable lasagna? Vegetables, pasta, cheese, good flavor and filling, easy to make?
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Of course. Give me a moment to write everything down.

[And for the next several minutes, Ginia will neatly write down the recipe and directions for vegetable lasagna.]
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I would be honored.

[From seeing the movies, Ginia knows, so she's glad Padmé has the chance in Luceti.]

This village, for all its problems, is good for second chances. I'm happy you can have that opportunity.
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Thank you. I've had a few here myself. [A second chance at life, some sort of peace of mind.] It's nice.
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I think that's something a lot of us hope for. We may not remember things when we leave this place, but it doesn't make the experiences any less meaningful or important.
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The mind is remarkable when it comes to remembering things. Memories kept subconsciously, maybe remembered in dreams.

It would be nice.
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[Ginia's seen the movies, she knows there isn't a happy ending for Padme. Just as there wasn't one for her.]

We could all be dreams in someone else's mind. But unlike dreams, as long as someone else remembers you, no one ever goes away.
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[It's an idea Ginia can agree with. Her life never meant much anyway, better others are able to enjoy theirs.]

Having met Luke, I think your family has found happiness while remembering you.
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Private - Anakin | Padme

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[Anakin had been spending his time up a the farm working on droids. Working out his emotions about Ahsoka in a constructive manner. No one wanted his grumpy ass at the house.]

What? [Can you tell he's been a little preoccupied with the droids. He'd noticed someone had arrived, just hadn't been paying enough attention to figure out who?

But then his face lights up, because this is good news. And though it doesn't replace what's going on with Ahsoka, good news is still good news.]

Really? Yes, of course. [Padme, this will be the most awkward family dinner.]
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[Action] - Anakin | Padme

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[Anakin doesn’t stop working until Padmé’s hand came to rest on his shoulder. He wanted to be happy about Leia’s arrival, and he was, he was just also upset about Ahsoka. And he couldn’t push aside one emotion for the other, they just all jumbled about in his head at the same time.

He gave Padmé a soft smile.]

I was thinking Luke was more like you. [This was a far better topic than the situation with Ahsoka.]
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[With that kiss, Anakin looped his arm around Padmé’s waist and pulled her close. He was fully prepared for her to pulled back away from any of the grease on his clothes, but he was trying to be playful.]

Is that a diplomatic way of saying you might be wrong?
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I don't think you need diplomacy to convince me of that.
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Is there reason to doubt that? [He quirks an eyebrow at her, not at all suspecting the truth. His idea of family stemmed from his time with Shmi - they were poor slaves, but they loved each other. Families just loved each other.]