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· Six ( Video ) ·

( This video shows a table covered in page after page of...notes? Some of them are written in completely alien languages. Even the letters are strange and ornate - almost like forms of calligraphy. Padmé is sitting before said notes, a pen in hand and her hair unbound around her shoulders and down her back. )

It's of great importance to leave records of our time in this village. I have written what I know in as many languages as I recall. I wish I could leave a more lasting transmission, but I do not wish to burden a droid. Should he have a chance to return to his home, I want him to do so without hesitation.

( If she gives R2D2 a video to keep, he might refuse to leave - if that's at all possible. She doesn't want him leaving Luke's side. )

This is, of course, merely preparation for when my time to return comes. Leaving things to the last minute is not proper.

( She rises and organizes the papers. )

I encourage everyone to do likewise. The information you can offer others - even after your time - is invaluable.
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Huh, that's not a bad idea actually.

[ Even if they left, maybe a new generation could come and take these, figure things out, and shut down these bastards for good. ]

Though that's quite the array of languages you seem to know.
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Re: video;

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Ah, well that explains why you know so many. I bet that helps smooths a lot of negotiations over too.

You sound kind of like one of my crew - Uhura. She was the best xenolinguistics student at the Academy and she's my main communications officer now.

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Video, Filtered

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I do agree, it's important to leave some sort of mark. Though, I think you, Anakin and I are probably the only ones capable of reading Aurebesh.

[He smiles, but it's somewhat strained.]

And, I think you're right. Artoo is not the best way to leave a message. I may have another way, though.
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Video, Filtered

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[Nodding, he maintains that same smile.]

I'm fine. Just...I have a lot on my mind.

[Like, well, Anakin finding out about his future...]

As for the other way, I have a holocron. You could use that as a recording method.
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Video, Filtered

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It's something I'd prefer to talk about in person. Where are you?

[He holds up a little silvery cube.]

And it's fine, it's something you should see anyway.
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Action Forever!

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[Rather than respond, he knocks before opening the door, entering with the little cube in hand. He sets it down on her desk before taking a seat, his eyes somewhat tired.]

I do not mean to worry you, mother. But, I...have you seen Anakin lately?
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[He nods, hands resting on his own lap as he looks at her levelly]

He...knows about his future. I do not know how, I just know that he is aware.

[And while it's not as bad as he'd isn't good.]
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[He reaches for her hand, catching it.]

I spoke to him already. We...need to give him some space. Just for a few more days. I know he'll return on his own, when he's ready.
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[Luke closes his eyes and stands up, exhaling slowly.]

I...saw those Earth recordings of what happened that day.

[And he flexes his Synthflesh hand.]

And I've dueled with him twice. understand, mother. And I am going to do everything I can to keep him from going that way. He's not there yet. And...I've had to tell him about this before. When he was in this place the first time. With support, I know he can turn from that path.
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[Luke takes a step closer, pulling Padme into a hug. He knows what she's feeling, understands the pain and just how difficult it must be for her. The question gets a nod in the affirmative.]

Yes. He does. He asked me for the truth, the whole truth. I gave it to him.

[Lying to him would've only made it worse.]

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[Luke let's her go, one arm reaching up to her shoulder to provide what stability he can. He's not much taller, in truth.]

I...know you don't. I don't think anyone save Palpatine is to blame, mother.

[That man. That walking nightmare of a man.]

It's not something you could have noticed. He fooled everyone. Not just you. The entire Jedi Council, the Republic, the whole galaxy. No, it's nothing you should feel guilty about.
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You could not have known the extent of what he was doing.

[Nobody could have. Not with the Dark Side clouding everything at that time. Yoda had spoken on it more than once.]

And you're right. Ambition is dangerous. And you're right. No one person should hold even a tenth that much power. But here, that's less of an issue. Here, we need to be here for Anakin. Maybe, if we're lucky and the Force is with us, we'll find a way to change his future.
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[Luke retakes his seat, nodding once.]

It's certainly possible, and I feel that should we have the possibility of actually escaping of our own accord, it may be that we can keep our memories. Of course, that's a difficult path that will take a lot of effort, but it must be possible.
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I do not believe it will. In truth, I believe that Palpatine's takeover was inevitable, but not Anakin's fall. I'm aware of the prophecy surrounding the Skywalker family. That he will bring balance to the Force. Some have said, however, that he brought balance to the Force through me. Though personally, I've never really put much faith in such things.

[Luke smiles now, more genuinely than before.]

I feel that if there's a chance, then we should take it. It may sound arrogant of me, but altering the history of the Galaxy and putting it on a different path may be the reason we were brought to this place.
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[He snorts a laugh, but nods.]

I'm sure he'll return when he's ready. I don't want to force company on him when he doesn't want it. He will be back, of that I have no doubt. His tools are here, Artoo is here, and you're here.

[And with that matter seemingly settled, Luke picks up the silver cube.]

Do you know what this is, mother?
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Sorry, bedtime after this for me!

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It's called a Holocron. A Jedi artifact used to store whole libraries of information.

[He presses a small circular panel on the side, and it begins to spool up.]

The Malnosso gave me a blank one the previous...Life Day. Christmas. The winter holiday.