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Padmé Naberrie Amidala Skywalker ([personal profile] padme_amidala) wrote2014-03-02 02:08 pm

· Six ( Video ) ·

( This video shows a table covered in page after page of...notes? Some of them are written in completely alien languages. Even the letters are strange and ornate - almost like forms of calligraphy. Padmé is sitting before said notes, a pen in hand and her hair unbound around her shoulders and down her back. )

It's of great importance to leave records of our time in this village. I have written what I know in as many languages as I recall. I wish I could leave a more lasting transmission, but I do not wish to burden a droid. Should he have a chance to return to his home, I want him to do so without hesitation.

( If she gives R2D2 a video to keep, he might refuse to leave - if that's at all possible. She doesn't want him leaving Luke's side. )

This is, of course, merely preparation for when my time to return comes. Leaving things to the last minute is not proper.

( She rises and organizes the papers. )

I encourage everyone to do likewise. The information you can offer others - even after your time - is invaluable.

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