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[Anakin was just as equally excited. He hadn’t seen Padmé (before being taken by the Malnosso’s) in three years. Now she was back in his life again (and he had the added confirmation from Luke that they would get married).

It was all a little confusing for his young mind to process – because he was more than aware of the age difference between them, plus, he wasn’t really sure yet what ‘love’ in that kind of context meant.

He’d just decided to be happy he could see Padmé again and leave it at that until he figured everything out.

With energy, he bounded out of the house, only to have that exuberance replaced with uncertainty and a little bit of embarrassment. What did he say? How did he act? Padmé was a queen – had been a queen – and he was just a slave boy from Tatooine. When he’d first met her, he’d approached her with all the blissful ignorance of youth and a lacking in social education. Not to mention, he’d thought she’d only been a handmaiden at the time. A number of stations above him, certainly, but not so far above as royalty was. Then, he’d simply not thought how rude it might be for someone like him to even approach her.

Now, with three years of instruction at the Temple, he was more self-aware.]

“Um… hello.” [He approached with more restraint. And he looked at Padmé with awe.]