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· Seven ( Video ) ·

( Private to Anakin, Luke & Obi-Wan. )

( Padmé is looking more than a little frazzled. Her room is less than tidy and she is on her hands and knees when the video begins. )

My kitten… ( It's a small thing in the face of other concerns, but perhaps this is the straw that breaks the camel's back. ) Talia… She's missing.

Usually she returns for meals, but not today. ( She turns away from her journal, wipes the unwelcome tears from her cheeks and rises. Every bit of her body is tense. ) If something has happened to her…

( Is it her fate to be unable to protect anyone she cares about? )

( / )

( Once that private feed comes to an end, Padmé manages to appear far more controlled. She shows everyone who might be watching a picture of her cat before she begins. )

I'm searching for this kitten. Her name is Talia and she hasn't eaten since…yesterday. ( Not healthy food at any rate. ) Should you see her, please alert me? My name is Padmé and she is…special to me.

( Considering Luke gave her to her. )

What ever you do, do not harm her. She might be frightened. ( And frightened kittens might have their claws out and ready. ) Just bring her back to me safely. I will find some way to reward you.

( A pause while she sets her mind to other matters. She takes a seat, her posture perfect. )

Since my arrival in Luceti, I have adopted the role of observer. However I believe it is time for me to lend my expertise in the village's politics. For those of you who are aware of such functions, I should like to speak with you at your earliest convenience.

While piecing together a defense of some kind is promising, we need laws and governing bodies to ensure the best protection possible. Furthermore, we should be setting aside food, medical supplies and water in case something catastrophic happens in the future. To expect things to continue as they are is foolish. We have no guarantees; our very presence in this village is a mystery.

I welcome your opinions on the matter. The majority must choose how they wish to proceed.
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Where was the last place you saw her? Any particular places she tends to go?
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And where is the house?

Also, I wish you luck in organizing something for the village.
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I'll search the area.

And you could say that. Not in an overt way, unfortunately, but I've dealt with it now and again. Have you garnered much interest from others here?
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[Luke immediately heads into her room, knocking quickly before entering. That look isn't good, and if her pet has gone missing...]

Where was the last place you saw Talia? I admit, I haven't seen her today, but I've been gone most of the morning.
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[Luke finds that alarming, definitely, but not overly so. Things have been a little odd lately, with his recent body-swap and possession trouble, so a disappearing cat is a refreshingly normal problem.]

Well, then she must be around the house somewhere. Don't worry, we'll find her.

[A whistle comes from behind them, and Artoo rolls into the room. Which gives Luke an idea.]

Artoo, do you have Talia's life-signature stored?


Good. Can you see if you can find her?

[Another beep, and R2 rolls away, letting Luke turn back to Padme.]

Nothing to worry about, Mother. Let's go check the basement, though, just in case.
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[Because it's there, and the kitten hasn't been down there yet.

Luke starts off and opens the well-oiled basement door without a sound, flicking on the light as he makes his way down.]

There's not much down her for her to get lost in. Just a safe with some of Mordin's notes, some of Shepard's old furniture, and Lupin's gun cabinet.

[He's had...interesting...roommates.]
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[Okay, Ginia, keep it together. You've talked to Luke Skywalker before, so no squeeing over Padmé. Stay calm, stay focused.]

That poor kitten! I'll keep an eye out for her.
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What area of the village do you live at?

Also for your second question, I'd talk to either Erwin Smith or Hatake Kakashi. Both of them have been gathering people for an alliance.
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[46... North of the square. Definitely easy keeping an eye out while she's in the village plaza.]

I'm Ginia Solana. Nice to meet you.
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I certainly support the heart and spirit of it, though I can't say I can do much for it. Morale and organizing, I suppose.

[It's an accidental lie, but such is the way of shifts.]
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[So Ginia knows; she's seen the movies, but she's certainly not foolish enough to mention that.]

A very impressive career path. [And... it makes Ginia feel a bit small given the most she can is bartender and restaurant owner. At least in this believed lifetime.]

I'm sure Erwin and Kakashi would like to meet you.
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Contacting them over the journal would probably be the best, they tend to be busy people, but also make time to meet with like-minded individuals.
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Video [Private] -> Action

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"Rest easy, Padme. I'm sure we'll find her soon enough- and cats have a reputation for taking care of themselves, even when very young. I suspect she'll be alright."

[Following the reply to her message, he immediately closes the journal and heads over to help her look in person. He's never had to try and sense the presence of a cat before, and isn't entirely certain his senses are that finely-tuned, but it's worth attempting, at least.]
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[Obi-Wan nods with understanding, and promptly begins aiding her search, as well as keeping an ear out for any untoward claws, paws, or tiny noises.]

"I find with some animals there's a certain instinctive bond of mutual comprehension. I understand entirely, trust me."

[He'd grown attached to Boga the Varactyl almost instantly on Utapau, and that loyalty had been returned when she attempted to protect him from his own troops.

And he'd also become fond of his Eopies back on Tatooine lately.]

"When was the last time you saw her?"
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"I don't know if this will be any comfort at all, but in my experience, one does eventually adjust to the inconsistency."

[As he speaks, he has begun to focus on the house around them, attempting to discern any sight or sound of motion or sign of the cat's passing as he looks around.]
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I hope you find your kitty soon.
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What does she look like?

[he almost doesn't respond to the next part, but he's curious about what someone as a self-professed 'observer' has put together about the current 'politics' of Luceti.]

What sort of politics?
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[ wow that's adorable ]

I'll keep an eye out for her.

I'm guessing you haven't been keeping up with the Joint Forces movement, then.
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[private] oh my god this is so late i am sorry

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Don't worry Padme, I will find her.
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It's never a burden to do something for you. I would go to the end of the universe if it would make you happy.