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2014-03-02 02:08 pm

· Six ( Video ) ·

( This video shows a table covered in page after page of...notes? Some of them are written in completely alien languages. Even the letters are strange and ornate - almost like forms of calligraphy. Padmé is sitting before said notes, a pen in hand and her hair unbound around her shoulders and down her back. )

It's of great importance to leave records of our time in this village. I have written what I know in as many languages as I recall. I wish I could leave a more lasting transmission, but I do not wish to burden a droid. Should he have a chance to return to his home, I want him to do so without hesitation.

( If she gives R2D2 a video to keep, he might refuse to leave - if that's at all possible. She doesn't want him leaving Luke's side. )

This is, of course, merely preparation for when my time to return comes. Leaving things to the last minute is not proper.

( She rises and organizes the papers. )

I encourage everyone to do likewise. The information you can offer others - even after your time - is invaluable.
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2013-12-10 03:41 am

· Four ( Video/Action ) ·

( Padmé has been adjusting to day to day life and trying to heal. It's frightfully easy to forget what occurred before her arrival - and she has let herself forget - yet quiet moments bring certain thoughts and feelings into plain view. This morning has been particularly hard on her and she rose early and took a walk to clear her mind and lessen the ache of her heart.

She pauses by a garden and smiles, faintly, at the blooms, recalling her own home on Naboo. There had been a garden there, a lake, plenty of walks, plenty of laughter and love...

Is she really only 27? She feels so much older. But it doesn't do her any good to focus on that, so instead she pulls out her journal. )

Does a cure for nightmares exist? I feel like I'm having them even in the daytime.

( It's difficult for her to reveal her weakness; she knows she can overcome this...right? )

I wouldn't ask if they hadn't become bothersome. I am quite capable of caring for myself, but without adequate rest...

( As well as the fear that she might be bothering Anakin and Luke... )

I fear I cannot think clearly.
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2013-10-28 03:37 pm

· Two ( Video ) ·

( Padmé is in the midst of Bubble Land, looking quite different. She frowns down at the stamp on her hand before addressing her journal. )

This is certainly a strange side effect. ( Her voice is more powerful and far less affectionate than it becomes in the future. Er...the present. ) Is this supposed to remind me of my past? For what purpose?

It is a sham of the past and nothing more. ( Especially considering tag?...she had been given. ) I will not play such foolish games.

( Turning, journal still in hand, she reveals the rest of her ornate costume. There are far too many memories and stresses attached to this garb. She closes her eyes wearily. )

Luke? Leia? Anakin? Have you been transported too? ( She hopes they have been left alone. For their sake. )
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2013-10-10 12:34 am

· One ( Video ) ·

( A young woman with long, curly brown hair strewn with small white blooms appears on the screen. She has two bright white wings, which make the sapphire blue of her clothing seem darker somehow. Her head is bowed and there are silent tears rolling down her cheeks. )

I must have fallen asleep. ( She brings a hand to her face, lightly touching a tear. ) It was more than that.

( That very same hand travels down and touches her stomach. Her eyes widen and she gasps. )

I had them; I named them. Does Obi-Wan have them? What about... ( Fear is something she visibly fights. She refuses to let it conquer her. ) Anakin. Does he know? Has he seen them?

He should. ( Unless... ) Would he - ( Hurt them too? ) No!

( Padmé leans her back against a tree, glancing numbly at her wings. This isn't the time to fall apart. She needs to get it together. )

My name is Padmé Amidala. I am a Senator of Naboo. Are there any Jedi here? They are amongst the few I know I can trust.

On a less important note - ( Because it needs to be asked. ) Why do I have wings?