Padmé Naberrie Amidala Skywalker
09 August 2014 @ 09:53 pm
· Eleven ( Action/Video ) ·  
( There is a garden in front of House 46. Padmé has worked on it diligently, spending time each day tending to the flowers. There are days that she might spend too much time on them, actually, but everyone needs an escape and gardening is one of hers. )

My mother taught me how to build a garden. She said it was like a small world of its own.

( She buries her hands in the soil, letting it sift through her fingers. While some might view the soil as dirty, Padmé only sees life. Without a proper foundation, nothing can thrive. )

When I entered politics, I approached it with my heart and eyes open. Logic is absolutely necessary when representing or leading any group, yet I've found that empathy is also vital. If you cannot connect with those that need your guidance or protection, how can you give them advice or produce laws that better their lives?

( Pushing the soil around a trio of flower stems, she ensures the plants are steady. Their roots are taking hold and running deep. )

Each of us have different roots and our leaves and blooms are unique. I'd like to celebrate that by ensuring every voice is heard.

( Raising her eyes, her hair bound in a thick braid over one shoulder, she smiles faintly. )

What was your world like? What do you remember best about it?
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