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Character Name: Padmé Naberrie Amidala Skywalker
Canon: Star Wars
Canon Point: Right after her death.
Apartment Block/Number: 4.1
Background/History: Early Life // Queen // Senator // Clone Wars // End of Democracy
Personality: Padmé experiences a compelling transformation from her girlhood to her death. Before (and during) the events of the Phantom Menace, the young Queen proves herself to be strong-minded, diplomatic and willing to make hard decisions if they benefit her people. The safety and peace of Naboo matters the most to her and she shows little interest in more personal matters. It is revealed in her backstory that she even has romantic interests - before she meets Anakin and during her early Senatorship - yet she chooses to serve the people of Naboo rather than lose herself in a serious relationship with anyone.

However let it not be said that family doesn’t matter to her. She loves her family dearly and they are part of the reason she throws herself into politics so vigorously. When she began to soften towards a certain young Padawan in Attack of the Clones, what she felt for Anakin - the empathy and protective instinct - before grows stronger and, before she knows it, she begins to see him as a mixture of family and potential love interest. Naturally, she tries to avoid any romantic attachments - because she knows it will inevitably interfere with her career as a Senator (and the fact that it would put Anakin in more danger). Yet, by the end of the second movie, she knows it’s a lost cause.

”She is an astonishingly accomplished young woman, who in her short life has been already [an] elected Queen of her planet, a daring partisan guerrilla, and a measured, articulate, and persuasive voice of reason in the Republic Senate.

But she is, at this moment, none of these things.

She can still play them--she pretends to be a Senator, she wields the moral authority of a former Queen, and she is not shy about using her reputation for fierce physical courage to her advantage in political debate--but her inmost reality, the most fundamental, unbreakable core of her being, is something entirely different.

She is Anakin Skywalker's wife.”

-Except from Matthew Stover’s Revenge of the Sith novel.

Once Padmé admits to herself - before she and Anakin are led out into a gladiatorial ring to be executed in Attack of the Clones - that she loves him, she resigns herself to giving him every inch of her that isn’t already invested in politics. Of course it isn’t long before that line is crossed and the young Senator finds herself torn between the man she loves and the duty she has carried since childhood. Yet still, she fights. There is no quitting or admitting defeat for her and she ceaselessly, tirelessly searches for the light at the end of the tunnel.

She isn’t an optimist or a pessimist. Rather, she is a realist who does her best to take what she sees - the good and the bad - and tries to find ways to fix it or make it better. She also has a keen sense of people and their intentions. While she is obviously not connected with the Force like the Jedi, she does notice when someone has ill intentions (like Palpatine). Perhaps that is due to her training as a politician or the fact that Padmé usually follows her heart (unless diplomacy is needed - then she follows her head).

Yet all the training in the world can’t prepare her for the path Anakin decides to take. Once she realizes he has stepped over to the Dark Side in the third movie, Revenge of the Sith, her heart is broken. All of her plans for their future - including their child/children - are demolished. Logically she knows that approaching him is dangerous, but, with Anakin, her mind is never logical. She loves him too much and far too deeply.

It’s tragic that her decision to plead for him to return to sanity is one of the last decisions she ever makes. Even so, she believes in his goodness. The boy she met so long ago - and the man he became - are worth fighting for and she doesn’t believe they are dead.

Padmé’s feelings for Anakin are the main catalyst for her transformation, however there are other, smaller, catalysts too. All throughout her political career, she finds herself not only arguing with other politicians in great chambers, but also fighting on the front lines in various battles. By doing so, she demonstrates that she is a woman who can - and will - back up her word. She doesn’t fear death or injury to herself. In fact, it hurts her far more to consider the deaths or injuries of her people. For them she will fight in any arena necessary.

She also demonstrates that she has a powerful tactical mind. It’s obvious that she is bright, but she is also humble enough to learn from those who have been in politics or the military longer than her. From them, she strengthens her skills to better serve her people and/or those in her charge.

However, in the end, despite her passion, bravery, wisdom and love, Padmé reveals that she is a young, vulnerable woman who does, when Anakin is involved, have a naive heart. Perhaps she knows her heart is a fragile thing from the beginning - and that’s why she avoids long-lasting romances - yet all of her avoidance doesn’t save her from feeling the joy and pain of love. After giving birth to Luke and Leia, she loses the will to carry on because everything she has worked for and loved - politics included - has turned black and empty. Even the promise of new life isn’t enough to keep her living.

”Obi-Wan... there... is good in him. I know there is... still... “

But she does pass on her belief in a brighter future. By the end of the third movie, Padmé hasn’t lost any of her admirable qualities, but she is, at last, showing her weaknesses. Unfortunately her weaknesses - thanks to the events involving Anakin - are enough to end her life. However, for the purposes of the game, she will be forced to face her weaker self and, perhaps, find a new strength from it.

Abilities/Powers: Strengths:

Physical: Padmé is a slight woman (she is only 99 pounds), but she is physically fit. She can use weapons (as seen in The Fight for Theed). She is also quite agile and quick on her feet - which has kept her alive when the Jedi couldn't totally ensure her protection.

Additionally Padmé seems to have a fairly high pain tolerance. In the Battle on Geonosis, she was able to keep her cool even after being clawed on the back. Also, when she fell out of the ship after escaping the assassination attempt, she managed to land in such a way that she didn't break any bones. There are other examples of her physical abilities - all of which show that Padmé isn't just a figurehead; she is someone that can and will fight.


Physical: While she can defend herself to a certain degree, Padmé is a small woman. She can easily be overpowered and there are powers (such as those possessed by Jedi) that she simply cannot guard again. In fact it was, in part, thanks to Anakin's power that she met her death after giving birth to the twins.

Items/Weapons: Her funeral attire and the pendant/necklace Anakin gave her.
Sample Entry: 8/09 post and threads (for Luceti).
Sample Entry Two: The dark quiet of the trees was comforting. Padmé found herself wandering from one trunk to another, barely thinking - barely feeling. She was afraid to feel. If she allowed herself that weakness, she might fall apart. Indistinct images filled her mind, each one reminding her of a life that could never be. Obi-Wan had been at her side, comforting her while the contractions wracked her body with pain. Then there had been small cries. Her twins, her precious twins, had been born into an uncertain world.

Grimacing, she slid down one of the many tree trunks that surrounded her, holding her now empty stomach. There was a lingering soreness - another reminder - that stayed with her, forcing her to bring order to her thoughts. Inevitably, with those thoughts, came emotions. Yet she felt numb - far number than she should.

Who can say how I should feel? I'm a wife who lost her husband and a mother who can't protect her children. I dare anyone to question how I feel!

Anger took hold of her and she balled her slender, petite hands into white-knuckled fists. Burning tears trailed down her cheeks and she allowed herself a moment of true frustration.

"Ani! Why couldn't you listen to me?! Why did you always suspect me of betraying you?!" her voice cracked and she was breathing shallowly, "Our twins are alive. You won't be a father to them..." she shuddered in pain at the notion, "They will grow without us. They will grow never knowing how much we wanted to see them!"

And, if she was honest with herself, she didn't wholly blame Anakin for that outcome. She should have seen... She should have known...

"I'm sorry." she took a deep breath and used the bark to pull herself to her feet, her fingernails digging into the wood, "Please don't forget me... Them. One day, you will see..."

She had to believe that. He would see the error of his ways and their twins - Luke and Leia - would show him the path out of the Dark. She couldn't be his light, but they could.

Raising the pendant he had carved for her so long ago, Padmé kissed the cool surface and resolved herself to take one day at a time. Perhaps their paths would cross again, but, if not, she chose to believe in his goodness. He needed her support now more than ever - even if she couldn't, physically, be by his side.

"I love you. Ani, Luke, Leia..." she prayed her words would reach them and they would know. It was the best she could do, though she ached to hold her infants in her arms. To live without them - without him - was going to be a true trial indeed.

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