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Padmé Naberrie Amidala Skywalker ([personal profile] padme_amidala) wrote2014-06-16 11:23 pm

· Nine ( Video ) ·

( Padmé's sorrow has lessened. There is even a tentative smile on her face as she addresses Luceti. )

I don't wish to cause pain - and if I do so unknowingly, I ask that you forgive me - but I have often wondered if it is natural to love another so deeply that it leaves your reason in stunned silence? Anakin and Obi-Wan can attest to my long career in politics and, yet, all of that pales to what I was given as a wife and mother.

( She never sought romance - at least nothing that lasted - but it found her all the same. )

I never envisioned myself putting everything aside for one person. I was certain my prowess lay in serving the people. But now I see -

Fate finds us all.

( Her abundant hair is gathered into a simple, elegant ponytail. The dark curls spill down her back, coming to a stop right below her waist. )

Regardless, I am a politician still. I make a request to you, Luceti residents, that might seem strange. It is my belief that everyone in this village should be armed in some manner. Lessons can be given by those with more experience as schedules permit.

( It frightens her to imagine anyone going into another Draft with only their bare hands to protect them. )

Protection is no guarantee and even the young can become victims to sudden violence. I have seen it happen before.

( Far too many times and on far too many planets. )

Let us make a stand and protect ourselves. Make no mistake, even in peaceful times, Luceti is a dangerous place.

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