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Padmé Naberrie Amidala Skywalker ([personal profile] padme_amidala) wrote2014-01-25 07:23 pm

· Five ( 4th Wall Catch-All ) ·

( Padmé has never seen the village teeming with so many people. She makes her way out, dressed somewhat plainly. As the newcomers walk from one place to the next, she follows them with her eyes, trying to place their faces. Her memory is good - she knows she can rely on it.

There are so many worlds in her "universe". Surely someone from one of them will come to visit?

Even so, she schools herself carefully, trying not to hope too much. She knows all too well the pain of dashed hopes and broken dreams.

Should you wish to run across her, she won't stray too far from Luke's home, though she will make sure she can be easily seen. Said task isn't easy considering her short, slight frame, yet, as ever, Padmé gives off an aura of authority that is hard to overlook. )

{Lightning meanwhile has perched herself on a roof. She isn't dressed in her armor - though she did find it - but she is carrying her shield and gun-blade. With new arrivals come new dangers.

Feel free to notice her or call up to her!}

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