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Padmé Naberrie Amidala Skywalker ([personal profile] padme_amidala) wrote2013-12-10 03:41 am

· Four ( Video/Action ) ·

( Padmé has been adjusting to day to day life and trying to heal. It's frightfully easy to forget what occurred before her arrival - and she has let herself forget - yet quiet moments bring certain thoughts and feelings into plain view. This morning has been particularly hard on her and she rose early and took a walk to clear her mind and lessen the ache of her heart.

She pauses by a garden and smiles, faintly, at the blooms, recalling her own home on Naboo. There had been a garden there, a lake, plenty of walks, plenty of laughter and love...

Is she really only 27? She feels so much older. But it doesn't do her any good to focus on that, so instead she pulls out her journal. )

Does a cure for nightmares exist? I feel like I'm having them even in the daytime.

( It's difficult for her to reveal her weakness; she knows she can overcome this...right? )

I wouldn't ask if they hadn't become bothersome. I am quite capable of caring for myself, but without adequate rest...

( As well as the fear that she might be bothering Anakin and Luke... )

I fear I cannot think clearly.

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